About the Author

Ben Vandersluis

Writer | Grad Student | Horror Enthusiast

Let’s get one thing straight:

I love horror.

Period. Full stop. Non-negotiable.

I read horror and I read about horror. I write horror. I am currently pursuing a master’s thesis about the rhetoric of horror. And I’ll be damned if I don’t like to talk about horror, too.

Did I mention I love horror?

But enough about that.

I am currently a grad student and elder twenty-something living in Chico, California, where I have lived since 2014. I love all things literary and care deeply about the written word, from composition to editing to publishing. My literary focus is what brought me back to academia. Where will it take me next? It’s too early to tell.

In the mean time I remain in Chico with my wife, my brother’s cat, and the miserable summer heat. I enjoy cycling around town, drinking local beer, and playing D&D with my friends. And when I need to get a thought out of my head, the best thing I can do is to grab a pen and write.


“Beyond Shadow”
(in the collection Blackberry Blood)
Snow-Capped Press — 2021

“The Halifax Confessions: A Memory”
Watershed Review — 2018