Review: House of Leaves

House of Leaves. Mark Z. Danielewski, author. Published 2000. Little solace comesto those who grievewhen thoughts keep driftingas walls keep shiftingand this great blue world of oursseems a house of leaves moments before the wind. — (Untitled Fragment)House of Leaves p. 563 Yes, I know. This book has been out for literally 22 years andContinue reading “Review: House of Leaves”

Review: What One Wouldn’t Do

What One Wouldn’t Do. Scott J. Moses, editor. Published 2021. I purchased What One Wouldn’t Do with a few gleeful taps of my finger on an afternoon in late September. The anthology’s editor, Scott J. Moses, had just tweeted that the book was available ahead of schedule, and wouldn’t we like to buy it soonerContinue reading “Review: What One Wouldn’t Do”